What is Halifax Saying about J-E Matchmaking?

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Matching Single Men & Women

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Newest Matchmaking Couple

I have never felt more seen and appreciated. He gets me and he sees my magic. The way I catch him looking at me makes my heart skip a thousand beats. We are in sync with each other in a way I have never experienced. And the conversation is so clear and honest. So, it’s going well. I’m beyond happy

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Bootcamp Testimonial

1. What were some fears or preconceived notions that were holding you back from participating in the boot camp?

I was fearful of change, and being pushed out of my comfort zone. I was fearful of finding out that there was no one out there for me and that I would be single forever (as ridiculous as that seems), but I feel the positive experiences I’ve had have made me realize that whatever the outcome in my life (because who knows the future), I have the dating skills and positive mindset to enjoy the ride!

2. Was the boot camp what you expected? If so, how? If not, how?

It was more than expected. I did not anticipate how supportive everyone would be, and what good friendships I would forge through the camp! I was imagining picturing a catty, competition-filled group, but what was there was refreshing, fun and supportive! Was like one big therapy session every week and I completely enjoyed it- even the hard bits. I learned more about myself and my past traumas (and how to deal with them) then I ever imagined. I don’t know where I would be right now in the dating world without it!

3. What was your favorite part about the boot camp?

The frozen five class. That really brought so much together for me. Made me realize that I was dating without purpose before and this new way of looking at my dates and potential partners will be so helpful for years to come. I feel that revisiting these traits is even a good lesson IN a relationship; to keep reassessing whether or not you both are still meeting the other’s needs and vice versa would be such a positive thing!

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Wing-Woman Bootcamp

I participated in the Fall 2020 Bootcamp with Jean-eva. It was so worth it, I highly recommend. I have been on the apps for years and was not having much success in my dating life. I also can be shy in social settings and was afraid to meet new potential men in person. 2020 has been difficult for daters because of Covid-19 causing closures, stress and bubbles, but Jean-eva helped set me in the right direction. I now have the confidence and skills to introduce myself to guys in public, chat and flirt on the apps and succeed past the first date. I am no longer swiping aimlessly for hours but feel much more in control of my dating life and conversations. The Compound Dating Technique has helped me chill out a bit and get to explore options and meet new people before putting my eggs all in one basket. I feel much more calm, confident and excited about my dating life whereas before I was finding it stressful and at times exhausting. I know a lot more about what I am looking for and have completed several personality tests and have made lists and narrowed down what I want to find in a partner. Jean—eva and the other ladies in the course were so respectful, shared a wealth of knowledge and experience and we really motivated each other to get out there and have fun. Definitely consider doing a boot-camp or connecting with Jean-eva in any way! What she is growing here in Halifax is amazing. J-E Matchmaking is building an amazing database of singles and they definitely have it in their best interest to match you up with exactly what/who you are looking for!  Thanks!!

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A Man at Speed Dating

If you're serious and doing online dating switch to this. The speed dating is way more effective and fun.It's a more positive experience than online dating. Jean-Eva makes you feel supported in improving yourself and dating.
- Jerome

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A Woman at Speed Dating

Jean-eva knows how to organize an event! Classy AF choice of venue and very attentive hostesses to chat with before the evening of speed dating began. Great people and fun & interesting conversations! I am very impressed.



Sometimes One Meeting is all You Need!

Although I didn't get a chance to go on one of the events or experiences with J-E Matchmaking, I did hire Jean-Eva as my professional matchmaker. She was thorough, friendly, responsive, and gave me advice that helped me find my perfect match! I highly recommend her, as she knows quality mates when she sees them and gives tips and advice that really works!


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Dating Coaching Success

I decided to have a session with Jean-eva as I had not dated by choice for the past seven years. When I was last in the dating world, I was in university where it was easy to meet lots of interesting people. Seven years later, as an adult, I did not know where to start when looking for a potential partner. Jean-eva gave me a lot of great suggestions as to how to get back into the swing of things. I would recommend her services to anyone without hesitation.


What is Halifax Saying about Speed Friending?

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Speed Friending

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Speed Friending

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Speed Friending

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