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Christian Dating: Your Relationship with Jesus - By Paige Veinot

What does your relationship with Jesus look like? This week I wanted to take a moment to really put the spotlight on the most important thing, which is our relationship with Jesus. As much as personal growth and having a healthy mindset surrounding singleness are important, we need a relationship with Jesus in order to have a firm foundation in either of these things.

Something that I have noticed, (and I’m sure you have too) is that Christianity has become a trend, and Jesus is just a genie in a bottle who is there to grant our wishes if we’re good enough, and someone we turn to when life gets hard. I would challenge you to take a hard look at your relationship with God and what it actually looks like in your day to day life. Are you in the word? Not just to read it, but to study it, meditate on it, and use it to come to know God and his character. Most importantly, are you reading the word and applying what it says? As Christians, we are not called to be of this world, or to fit in. If your lifestyle is on par with the secular world, I would challenge you to take a step back and consider what you truly believe. Is Jesus just weekly church attendance and a prayer when things get hard, or is he the source of your joy, strength, and hope each day? Do you strive to blend in or to become more like Jesus? No person or thing can fill the void that was meant to be satisfied by eternal relationship with Him.

When we take the Gospel message out of context and decide that “being a good person” will get us into heaven, this takes the focus off of what Jesus did for us, which was to die on the cross for our sins so that we could have eternal life. Now where in the Bible does it say that we are the source of our own salvation. God loves us all, and just as there is nothing we can do that could make him love us any less, there is also nothing we can do that would earn us a spot in heaven. Only by his sacrifice and blood is this possible.

The reason all of this is important to consider before you begin dating is because an important factor in choosing a partner is making sure that you have similar values and beliefs. You need to know where you stand with your beliefs concerning faith, because if you do not share fairly similar views with the person you are dating, I can assure you that it will cause difficulties in your relationship in the future. And if God is the most important thing in your life, but not to the person you are dating, it can cause you to become sidetracked and even compromise some of your own values. The Bible calls us to be equally yoked to whoever we end up marrying, so that we can fulfill the true purpose of marriage, which is to make us holier, not happier. I pray that as you take the time to consider your own relationship with Jesus that you will draw closer to him and know just how blessed we are to be able to have a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour.

- Written By: Paige Veinot

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