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Christian Dating: Where do we go from here? - By Paige Veinot - Part 1

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The Christian dating world is kind of a mess right now. If I’m being downright honest, the dating culture of the world is a giant mess, and somehow the chaos of the “hookup culture”, and no one having a clue how to date anymore has seeped over into our Christian communities. Anybody else feeling frustrated? I know I am! Believe me when I say that I’ve spent my fair share of time moping, feeling frustrated, blaming others, and even God for what feels like an impossible situation. It seems to me that there are two extremes at the moment:

- Either people are pairing off and having babies before the age of 23

- Or the singles on the other end of the spectrum who are 35, have barely dated, and feel there is little to no hope of them ever finding that special someone.

Being from a very small town in Nova Scotia, I understand the struggles of dating as a Christian. After chatting with other singles, and even newly married couples, most can relate to the difficulty of trying to find someone who shares your beliefs, has their life together, while also feeling an attraction. I get it, I really do. On top of all this, it seems that just like in the secular world, dating has become a confusing, albeit rather nonexistent thing in our communities. Men aren’t pursuing or asking women out. Women aren’t letting men know they are interested, available and would LOVE to be asked on a date. Dating has become a game that no one wins, or as that song puts it “love is a battlefield.” Singles don’t know what they believe or who they are, yet desperately desire a romantic relationship, believing it will fill a void that only a relationship with the Lord can satisfy.

What are we to do? As I have prayed, sought out wisdom, read, researched and asked a ton of questions, I have compiled a list of a few things that we can do to make a difference in our communities, and ultimately help us navigate the world of dating. Because, in the end, change starts with us. Cliche as it sounds, one person can make a difference. When we change our mindset, focus on Jesus, and work on growing into healthy and mature individuals, that is when we can affect the most change in the community that surrounds us. It all starts with intention, and requires some action on our part.

Join us for this five part blog series where we dive into 4 important steps to find success in the Christian dating community. We will take a look at some things we can do to start having a positive impact on the community around us, and gradually change the dating culture of the Christian community. Let's meet back here on Thursday December 10th, for the first of four steps!

- Written By: Paige Veinot

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Book Reference - The Dating Manifesto - to get your copy, follow this link:

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