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Christian Dating: Prioritizing Spiritual & Personal Growth - By Paige Veinot

Last week we looked at our mindset around singleness, and making the shift from viewing singleness as a curse to seeing it as a gift. The next step we need to take in order to make a positive change in our dating narrative and those around us is to prioritize spiritual, emotional and personal growth.

In one of Andy Stanley’s sermons on singleness and dating, he makes a very good point about who we are and who we end up with. He asks the question: "Are you intentionally becoming the person who the person you’re looking for is ultimately looking for?" I have seen the following several times over, in myself and my friends. We have a checklist of our “ideal” person. I am sure you have one too. It includes things like “must love Jesus”, and “good with money” or “takes care of their body”, “is a spiritual leader”, etc. I’m sure there are many more things, but I would say that if we were honest, we want someone who encompasses all these qualities. Now let’s take a good hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves “Am I continually growing and maturing in the areas that are listed above?”

Not one of us will ever be perfect. Perfection is never an attainable goal. A lot of us are way too hard on ourselves as well. But if you can’t say that you are consistently growing in these things, and you are looking for these things in another person, is that really fair? To be quite blunt, you are not going to attract someone of that calibre if you yourself do not possess these qualities.

The good news is that you100% have the ability to make changes and mature in these areas! In this day and age, we have unlimited access to any resource we could possibly want or need. YouTube, podcast, blogs, books and virtual speakers. Just as we are what we eat, we are also the sum of what we spend our time doing. Everything you devote your attention to has an impact on who you are. In order to grow we need to be developing healthy habits with eating, money, our time, the people we involve in our lives, what books we read, what we listen to, and so on. Do you spend most of your free time binge watching Netflix, or are you filling your time with activities like the ones listed above? I want to encourage you to prioritize growth in these areas so that you can become the best version of yourself, and as a result attract a high quality person into your life. Let’s fill our Christian communities with people who are working on their personal growth and encouraging others to do the same!

- Written By: Paige Veinot

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