"The Book of Love" Podcast

Hello everyone!

It's your local dating coach & matchmaker, Jean-eva Dickie. I originally started in the industry of love to introduce singles to one another in the hopes of watching my newly created couples gallivant through life together. It didn't take long for reality to kick me in the face!

Most of the time, an introduction isn't enough. For the majority of us the slightest mental block is holding us back from finding that amazing romantic partner that is perfect for us. Just a little mindset shift, and coaching can make all the difference! On this podcast, I'll be sitting down and chatting with single men and women to discuss their experiences in the dating world and how they can improve moving forward.

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Chapter # 52 - My Experience with a Gypsy Soul

Today's episode will take you into my life, and the story of my big love with a man that had a gypsy soul. Every single dalliance, date and relationship in my life have been huge lessons and it was up to me to either listen & learn or ignore & repeat. I met him during my Calgary chapter. This was my first relationship where I was a fully actualized woman before meeting this man, and so it was a relationship filled with love, comfort and respect. Ultimately we didn't work out, not because of lack of attraction or chemistry, but from lack of compatibility.

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