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It's your local dating coach & matchmaker, Jean-eva Dickie. I originally started in the industry of love to introduce singles to one another in the hopes of watching my newly created couples gallivant through life together. It didn't take long for reality to kick me in the face!

Most of the time, an introduction isn't enough. For the majority of us the slightest mental block is holding us back from finding that amazing romantic partner that is perfect for us. Just a little mindset shift, and coaching can make all the difference! On this podcast, I'll be sitting down and chatting with single men and women to discuss their experiences in the dating world and how they can improve moving forward.

Chapter 19: How to Happily Date

This week we are joined by Happiness & Life Coach Patricia Wall to discuss why it is so important to personally be happy when dating.

Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Myths and Mindset on being an Alpha Male/Female

This week we are joined by Dating, Life & Success Coach Joshua Sigafus out of Missouri. We discuss what an alpha male and alpha female is. We coach on how to take charge of your life, rather than allowing life to take charge of you. Joshua talks about what he did to overcome rejection and build confidence, as well as going deep into the dreaded "Nice Guy" hole, and why it never works.

Chapter # 17: Reverse Daddy Issues

This week we welcome the lovely Ashley to the Book of Love Podcast. To all you ladies who had an amazing, present and loving father, and never expected to have a hard time finding a partner, listen in! We talk about if our standards are too high when searching for a partner, why it can be hard to meet a man that lives up to our fathers and of coarse a shout out to all those amazing dads out there.

Chapter #16: Introducing our LGBTQ+ Matchmaker

Please welcome Halifax's first LGBTQ+ Matchmaker Aaron Cosgrove! This week we discuss some of the struggles the LGBTQ+ community face in today's dating world. We talk about her story, how she met her wife and her passion for providing a safe, fun space for the community. If you are interested in our Lady Love Speed Dating event on September 12th visit our website: www.jematchmaking.com/events

Chapter # 15: Dating on the Spectrum

Our guest today Myles and I talk about what it's like to date with autism. We discuss challenges when dating on the spectrum, what to expect if your potential partner is autistic, as well as some education from Myles on what it's like to date.

Chapter # 14: You Are Enough

Do you have a fear that you will never be enough for your kids, partner, career, etc? Join Brittany and I for a deep discussion of independence, self love, and our desire for human connection.

Chapter # 13: The Challenge of Dating as a Christian

Dating from a large pool of prospects can be hard enough, add to that a smaller group of singles to choose from that also share your faith and values. Join Connor, Paige and myself as we discuss what it's like to date as a christian in Nova Scotia.

Chapter # 12: The 3 Most Common Blocks I See

Blocks are learned behaviour that can hold people back from finding happy partnerships. Listen to hear 3 of the most common blocks I see as a matchmaker and what you can do to over come them.

Chapter # 11: Let's Talk About Sex

Serena, our local sex coach, and I talk about how the hook-up culture does not include good sex, how long to wait before being intimate, and what men need to know about sex.

Chapter # 10: Let's Talk to the Guys!

We talk about why Halifax, unlike other cities, is a "non approaching" city, the proper way to talk to women and red flags we see early on in relationships.

Chapter # 9 - Dating as a Single Mom

We Talk about the myths of dating a single mom, debated how long to wait to introduce a new person to your kids, and the stages most single parents go through.

Chapter # 8 - Dating as a Single Dad

We talk about soul mates, if they exist, young love, marriage, divorce and the mindset to make it out the other side of a break-up a better person.


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