Finding Love Through The Broken Pieces - J-E Matchmaking Success Story

I know we sometimes think we have to be completely healed before we can pursue looking for a future partner. We will never be fully healed. We are human and will always have broken pieces. I encourage everyone to continue to find love, even through the broken pieces. Whenever I get a phone call with a new potential client, I never know what my experience will be with them. Those that I think will be easy to match, are sometimes the most difficult, and those I think will be mo

Rejection Is Our Best Friend!

Last week on the Book of Love Hotline, we had an amazing follower call in to ask this question: Caller: "Hey Jean-eva. I recently put myself out there with a guy. I did the thing that we're all so scared to do. I made the move. I sent a message saying, 'I've got a big crush on you! Do with that information what you will." I didn't get a response, [it] was actually left [as] read for almost a solid week. I think it was around five or six days, and then the response was, kind o

It's time to talk about fat people in the dating world.

At the beginning of my career as a matchmaker, I was naive to the judgement society has for fatness in the dating world. If you're like me, hearing that word 'fat' uttered so plainly may make you cringe. Fortunately, my amazing, queer event consultant, Harley Pye, explains the power of taking back the word fat. Harley explains, "It makes a lot of people uncomfortable but in my experience, taking back the word queer for myself and taking back the word fat for myself has had th

I Ghosted Someone and Became an Instant Jerk!

Do as I say, not as I do. #Ghosting is a nasty result of today's anonymous dating culture, and even "dating experts" like myself can be tempted by the ease of ghosting. In fact, I'm guilty of ghosting someone this weekend! Fortunately, he called me out on it, and afterwards I felt like a complete asshole. Here's the whole story: A couple Friday's ago I was out dancing my butt off at a friends 30th birthday. I dance a bit like a crazy person, so I was surprised when this very

Red Flag - All Men or All Women

Dating can be a battlefield, but it doesn't have to be. We need to go into the dating world in the right frame of mind, keep an eye out for red flags, limit the expectations we put on others and just have some fun getting to know new people. Personally, I can be completely oblivious to red flags, even if they are vigorously being waved directly in my face. Yet, even for me, there is one red flag that I will never ignore and I hear far too often. It's the good ole, "All women

The Beauty of Hard to Get People

We all know those "hard to get" people. Those individuals that have passion and drive in everything they do. They're hard to get because they are most at risk of losing themselves in a relationship. When they do something, they put their entire heart and soul into it, and relationships are no different. They're hard to get because they are currently passionate and driven about their careers, their children, their social lives, their business or just their lives. You pursue th

Another One Bites the Dust

I was reflecting back on two summers ago when I was actively online dating, and wanted to share with you my experience, encase anyone else felt or is feeling the same way. It was honestly a rough summer and online dating had a lot to do with it. I remember coming back from first coffee date after first coffee date. Each bad date piled one top of one another until 4 weeks into it, I deleted my online profile in a fit of frustration and rage induced tears. It was the volume o

What is Your Perspective about Dating?

I understand the desire to walk into a room of extremely attractive people and having your pick of the lot. It is human nature to want the world to bend based on our desires and wants. Life doesn't work like that, and neither does a singles event. To expect a group of people to cater to your preferences and your preferences alone is.... is... Just... Ewww! Not every person in that room is your type, but I guarantee there will be at least one or two. Also there are other men

A Gentleman with an Edge

Listen up, nice guys! Women don't like the #niceguy. But this doesn't mean we want to be treated badly by our men either. Sexiness is kindness with boundaries. It is human nature to push until someone pushes back. Even the kindest, most considerate women will walk all over a man if he allows her to. We are looking for a gentleman with an edge. This is the man who knows who he is, what he's looking for and what he is, and isn't willing to put up with. A great example of this w

Lonely But Fabulous

We can't talk about being single without also talking about #loneliness. There is a common question asked, "who would ever stay #single, the loneliness must be overwhelming." I could argue that we are surrounded by friends, family etc. etc. to avoid loneliness but let's be honest, being single can get pretty lonely. My question to you is why do we villanize loneliness as the worst emotion we could ever feel? There are emotions out there that trump loneliness any day! We need